Monday, December 26, 2011


Well swimming was great! I did a few laps, each one left me breathless and then spent 10 minutes in the jacuzzi. Off to the showers... Mmmm, it is like the beach with curtains. They provide liquid soap, so I wash my hair and then... "Ma'am, this is the men's showers!" OMG!!! I gather my things and apologize profusely and get out as fast as I can. There were a bunch of old men showering, why didn't they say something??? I ran to the women's locker room and while drying off I could not help but silently laugh! It is a totally new gym to me, and I have never used an indoor pool before. The signage is etched or glazed glass at each entrance. Without my glasses I really didn't notice any words. After I figured out how to get completely changed from my bathing suit to my workout gear without anyone seeing one inch of me and I went onto the floor to the elliptical machine and was embarrassed that I would see someone from the showers out there. I still thought it was the best workout in a long time as the swimming served as a great warm up.

Back to work tomorrow...

Baci e abbracci