Friday, December 30, 2011

Good morning! I had the day off yesterday and am off today through Monday for the holiday. Yesterday I spent most of the day away from home so today my goal is to spend the day in my studio.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the internet as most of the day away from home was spent waiting. I was reading Malka Dubrawsky's blog a stitch in dye about the 30 Day Challenge and thought I might try one or two of the items listed. I am thinking about #6 and #30. Like Ms. Dubrawsky, #30 seems like a "no brainer," but it is actually a challenge because it would have me posting everyday. Number 6 is also a "no brainer" that would hopefully make me create something everyday. It may not be possible to accomplish if I want to go to the gym--let's rephrase that if I have to go to the gym--but I will give it a shot.

Also, I signed up for a very expensive, intensive class The Penn Program for Mindfulness that meets once a week beginning at the end of January. I know that the homework includes 40 minutes of meditation a day. This will be a real feat for me. I am hoping to come away from the class with the knowledge of how to reduce my stress and negativity to allow me the energy to do the things that I think I want to do.

Okay, maybe I will have a photo and paragraph for you later today.

Baci e abbracci