Monday, December 26, 2011

The Fruits of Inspiration

Happy day after Christmas. I thought I would share my current projects.

The above magazine is the latest copy of "Interweave Knits Accessories." It has quite a few nice patterns in it and although I have no where to store the tons of knitting/quilting/journaling magazines I already own, I purchased it. The pattern that made me make that decision was the pair of fingerless mittens. I won an IPod Touch Nano at our holiday party at work and need to be able to touch the screen to make it work. I have always had a fondness for fingerless mittens and already have a pattern somewhere, but this pair is made of a heavier yarn and seems less complicated than I remember the other pattern to be.

I could not find the exact yarn that the pattern called for (I really did look for it in my local knit shop "Justa Knitting Basket in Huntingdon Valley, PA) so I chose the next best thing Cascade Yarns Quatro, 100% Peruvian Highland Wool in a pretty turquoise color. Yes, of course I have tons of yarn that I could have substituted, but I need to keep my local yarn shop afloat.

I also purchased the yarn for the gauntlets on the cover--my hands are cold at work.

I am just so happy that I am knitting again. It really troubled me that I was on this seemingly never ending hiatus. To not do the one thing that has been a passion for the last 28 years was disturbing. Knitting has seen me through some troubled times. I remember when my first husband (TOMA is my second husband) was "missing in action" in New York city on a drinking binge, knitting is what kept me from loosing my mind with fear. So to give up a longtime friend (knitting, my first husband and I are still friends) I was worried I would never want her back in my life again.

I picked up a Pi R Squared (by Elizabeth Zimmermann) that I started a few years ago. It is just garter stitch and I thought I could just mindlessly knit. I messed up and had to rip back four rows of over 200 stitches each, but it is a great project for watching TV. Now I have started the mittens and am happy!

I am also working on thank you notes for some holiday gifts and the Strathmore donation. I already gave one away, but will photograph the others before mailing them. I still have to work on the secret project and would like to make one other thing--also a secret before December 31.

I received another totally "knock me off my feet" gift in the mail on Friday from someone. A couple of summers ago I saw a loose Pomeranian running outside and spent the next 2 hours chasing it through the shopping parking lots and across a major busy street--my heart stopped as I watched that dog run across Cottman Avenue. A few women helped me along the way, including a woman who left the hairdresser when she saw us with dye on her head! We cornered him in someone's yard and the local Pet Smart people helped get him on a leash and two of the women who helped (one I recognized from my commuter train) drove me and this dirty dog to my house. I drove to a local groomer to find out how much it would cost to bath it and saw another person from the train. She wound up finding a home for this dog. TOMA and I dropped him off the next morning and eventually paid for his veterinarian fees. A happy ending.

Well I occasionally see this last woman who placed the dog, I'll call her "A," on the train platform and we talk for a few minutes and sit in our usual places. I have not seen her in a few months in fact, but on Friday we received an extremely generous gift certificate from her! We traded voice mails and she said her reason is that she was touched by what we did for that dog. She spent a whole afternoon making phone calls to place that dog and I am sure that since she had that contact, she is in the habit of helping animals all of the time. I was so thankful to her that the dog did not have to go to the shelter because I could not keep him with our three cats. I hope she realizes how she touched me with her kindness and how amazing she is.

Today I am going to use the pool in the gym for the first time. I have to swallow down a lot of OCD to do this--and hopefully no pool water. I will let you know how I fare.

Baci e abbracci