Thursday, December 29, 2011

First I wanted to show this beautiful creation by TOMA: Frittata (my half). Made with red peppers, scallions and potatoes sliced like french fries. I had mine with black bread and butter. YUM...

Now, thank you card number 1: This went to the generous woman "A" along with the Rivolo scarf. I hope she likes it and it keeps her warm this winter.

This went to the Marketing Assistant at Strathmore Artist Papers, Sara for the generous donation to the prize packages.

I was reading Gennine's Blog and drooling over the Schmincke Watercolour set of 48 half pans. Even with the 20% discount at Blick until midnight and the $100 in gift certificates it is still way too much. It is the ultimate watercolor set and the only one that Schmincke makes that contains Payne's Gray. So many beautiful colors. I also thought of purchasing the set of either 24 or 36 and a tube of Payne's Gray. Hopefully, another discount promotion will come up before my birthday--although I think I want the Canon G12 Digital Camera more than the watercolors. I do not need either, but the camera would produce better pictures than the point and shoot I currently use, which has a screen that I cannot see in most outdoor daylight situations, so I literally point and shoot without setting up the photo or knowing if it is in focus. Knowing myself as well as I do, a zillion other things will tickle my fancy by my birthday.

Also, the car needs a $582 catalytic converter, which will be installed next week, so no big art supply expenditures in my immediate future.

Baci e abbracci