Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Long Weekend is About to End

It is Sunday after being home for four days and I am already blue about the weekend being over. I love being at home. I  should have been a housewife like my mom, but it was not meant to be--not in this era. So whenever I am home for more than the customary two days it is really hard to go back to work.

Yesterday, realizing that I have been at a plateau in my weight loss for 3 weeks now, I decided I'd better get my rear out there and take a walk. I had the perfect plan, jewelry store (to get a new watch band and a new watch battery), walk and on the way back stop at the CVS for a couple of things. Well while waiting for the watchband I started browsing at the white gold and diamond earrings. I tried on a pair. I really liked them and they are 60% off until Christmas Eve. I thought my 50th birthday is coming up and my mom asked me what I wanted... mmmmm... Fabric/Art Supplies or earrings? They gave me my watch--I forgot to pay for it-- and I asked them to hold the earrings. Luckily I came to my senses a block and a half away and called them to say I forgot to pay, I'll stop back within the hour and after I went back to pay I told them not to hold the earrings. Fabric or jewelry? Am I nuts? A big gift certificate for fabric is way better than overpriced earrings!

Okay, so I am on my way back. I even walked an extra 10 minutes outbound to make up for the stop at the CVS. What happens across the street from the CVS? I fell! I did not see the big rock until my foot stepped on it and down I went. What a laugh for all of the people driving on the street--a major thoroughfare in NE Philadelphia. An older man coming towards me insisted that I file an incident report in the nursing home that I fell in front of. Actually, sitting there waiting and having a chance to clean the wounds made me feel better. Then I almost poked my eye out at the CVS, and broke a front tooth with a butter knife making my lunch. It was klutz day for me!

Not too much on the creative front, but TOMA and I went to Chestnut Hill on Friday and walked up and down Germantown Avenue. I saw so many pretty things and got lots of creative ideas. We will see what I get done today.

I hope you also had a long weekend and it was a good one!

Baci e abbracci.