Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hi there...

I have not posted for a while... obviously and feel bad about it. I have not been happy with my work of late. I have been working on a quilt and pretty pleased with that, but my drawings (when even enthused enough to create any) have been disappointing.

I attended the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show on Friday night and was wowed by the talent and quality. The work was amazing. There were a few booths that were selling apparel made of wool felt and silk chiffon. The craftsperson wet-felted the wool right into the chiffon. It was very interesting for scarves and flowing vests. Three minutes of research on Google and I found out that it is referred to as Nuno Felt, a Japanese method. The scarves have a great drape and I would image lots of warmth as both wool and silk are fibers that retain warmth. If I can convince my friend to do it with me I may give it a whirl.

Here is the list of people whose work who most inspired me:
and Leni Hoch, who does not have a website but her scarves are beautiful and if I had not just purchased 2 books from Amazon, I would have purchased a scarf from her.

One of the above quilters as well as a couple of other craft people use photos of microbiology and aerial maps as their inspiration. A fellow staff person also uses microbiology in her work which I also saw for the first time on Friday, so I thought why not. I am always looking for something to make me want to draw, so I again used trusty Google and came up with some interesting photos to draw from.

The other issue with my work is that I always battle whether to use black ink outlines in my drawings. My husband usually likes a watercolor without the black lines, but I am partial to them and feel that there just isn't the "pop" in the painting without them.

I also have recently experienced my Carbon Ink bleeding with the application of watercolor. Really nerve racking! I guess I am back to Micron Pens if I want to paint over my lines. I just really wear down the tips quickly--before they run out of ink. I also enjoy using fountain pens. The alternative is using dip pens and waterproof ink.

Lastly, I received a 40% off my entire purchase coupon from Blick Art supplies, who I use for 90% of my purchases. I had 30 days to decide on what I wanted and it was an "in-store use only" coupon. That was good because they did not stock a couple of the big ticket items that I planned to purchase and would have had to order them, which I declined. I ended up with a box each of Fabriano note cards and envelopes (see flowers below) which take watercolors beautifully; set B of Dr. Ph. Martin's concentrated watercolors, and a Sennelier travel box of 14 1/2 pans of watercolor (used in both paintings below). Fun little spree...

Not finished yet

My new travel set of watercolors--my first professional quality set. Used them with my new brushes from Italy--very nice--definite difference from the Cotman brushes I have

New note card on Fabriano--the Carbon ink bled so I used my Pentel ink brush to cover the bleeding. I've had it for a while, but cannot control it well. I liked it and will practice with it.

My fall quilt on the design wall--string blocks from the class I took and wonky log cabin blocks that will border the string blocks, then one more border of sashing

Freesia channeling me--always sleepy or sleeping

Baci e abbracci