Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some Scanned Sketchbook Pages

Finally I had some time to scan in some of my sketchbook pages. I took this handmade book with me. I purchased it from Diana Trout during a class I took with her and decided to use it rather than save for when I am better at drawing.

Above is a drawing of some flowers that were in a planter where we were invited to celebrate a young woman's 29th birthday.   

Below is a still life I set up with some stuff I found in a kitchen cabinet and tomatoes and peppers that someone gave us from their field. The pitcher is ceramic and the the woman is a brass toothpick holder. I liked her so much I brought her home. There is also a pine cone I picked up from the property. It was my first time using the Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolors. I purchased a set of 14 (set A) before I left Philadelphia and took them and a million other art supplies with me. I was inspired to use them because of the Danny Gregory "Art of Breakfast" video and because the Dean of the School where I work had also suggested them to me. They take a little getting used to and I need some practice in mixing. They are radiant!

Below is actually the first drawing I did after arriving. When we arrive, TOMA's uncle sends us home with tomatoes from his field and a bottle of olive oil. The next morning TOMA starts saying hello to people (while I am still sleeping) and they give him fruit and veggies from their fields. So here we have a bowl of tomatoes and potatoes, a basket of grapes, a bag of peaches (peaches not in view) a crazy cucumber, a timer (that we brought from the States for the pasta), a potholder and a glass of water with a sprig of basil. This is all sitting on the wood burning stove in the kitchen. I am not sure whether it works or not, but is connected to a pipe in the ceiling so it is still there.

I posted this drawing before I colored it, so here it is complete.

This is just a finished "doodle." When people see these "doodles", they say I should design fabrics.  I think people think it is so easy to get a job like that--I just give a half-hearted smile and thank them for the compliment.

Below, the left side is a view of the town, Roccascalegna from the picnic area. I got a zillion mosquito bites painting it. On the right is a moth from a photo on the Internet and a flower that I photographed when I was waiting for TOMA to exchange some currency at the bank.

I have not drawn anything since I have returned. I have actually done nothing creative but shop at the Pennsylvania Quilt Show last Saturday. I did buy some nice stuff and spent a nice "chunk of change."

Baci e abbracci