Saturday, September 24, 2011

More from the Sketchbook

With the exception of a couple of drawings that I have not finished coloring this is the last of the work from Italy. This is a Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook that I saw in the Danny Gregory video that I mentioned in the last post. Really nice paper, but the book needs to be clipped to stay open flat. I also could not find them in Italy! I asked all over, but no one had ever seen them. They are made in Italy! Check out Diana Trout's posts about her visit to Fabriano.

We visited some family and the streets had a really nice cobblestone pattern, the inspiration for the drawing below.

I purchase some confetti to bring back to friends and drew it on our kitchen table in Italy. Confetti, as most of you know, is what Americans know as Jordan Almonds. It is very popular in the area we go to and stores are devoted to selling confetti as it is used as gifts to guests of many celebrations or parties.

This was the first drawing in the Fabriano sketchbook and I used the Ph. Martin watercolors. Still not used to them. Again, the inspiration was flowers that I photographed the day TOMA was exchanging currency at the bank.

Below I was at the point of no return in boredom at a lunch. Since I am too lazy to learn Italian, I spend many hours at the dining room table after meals sitting while others talk. I seriously am on the verge of going out of my mind so I whip out the sketchbook and throw caution to the wind at the risk of offending anyone. I completed the flowers at the table and then added the background, paint first--which is not the norm for me. I then decided to incorporate the cobblestone pattern I had seen that day on a walk that followed the lunch. This came before the black and white drawing above.

My usual breakfast. Milk and coffee and two cookies. One of the cookies is called cielle piene and is something that the bakeries in the area make at that time of year. They are incredible! They are a flakey cookie dough filled with this grape filling and swirled to create a round pocket of yummy goodness. There is one bakery in a town called Penadomo, about a half hour away that makes the best cielle piene. The day before we left we travelled there on the scooter and purchased 60 cookies to bring home in our carry-on. We just finished the last of them last weekend.

Below is the bakery where we made the final purchase of these treasurers.

At the far right bottom of the photograph is a picture of the cookies at another bakery that makes them. This is where I got them during the trip as this bakery is on the way to many places we travelled to. They make them second best to the bakery above. 
Off to the gym...

Baci e abbracci