Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back in Philadelphia

We are home... This year I was not as anxious to come home as usual. We always feed the same two dogs and at least one stray cat, but this year, one of the strays was very friendly and we bonded with him. He is just a baby, but so affectionate, I even let him into the house and he sat on our laps. He was very hard to leave behind. I fear he will starve. The part of Italy we go to is farm land: grapes, olives, fruit, etc. They don't neuter or spay, which drives me crazy. There are too many stray cats and they do not have long lives. Some people feed them like we do, but not enough. The dogs run around on their own, even if they have have homes. I named him Orsetto:

I left a note for a neighbor who was in the States when we were in Italy. I am hoping they will look after him and set out food for him. TOMA cooked for him. He ate anything we gave him, including bread. The dogs on the other hand, well fed and picky, would only eat mortadella.

I will post pictures over the next few weeks, including some of the drawings I completed. 

Around the House:

One of the many lizards running around the property

Snails sunning on a tree

One of the two mortadella dogs--a mom and her son

One of the olive trees

Baci e abbracci