Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Ink/Pen Dilema

I have been having some issues with Noodler's Bullet Proof ink smearing when I erase my pencil lines, so I have been searching for the perfect waterproof ink. I respect the opinions of Roz Stendahl when it comes to art supplies (and I like her work), so I emailed her about Platinum Carbon Black Ink and the Desk Pen. She was very nice about making sure I had enough information to make a choice. She took a lot of time with me and I really appreciate that.

Based on her advice, I decided to purchase the PC ink and the Preppy Pen and convertor. I also found a convertor for my Rotring! In my correspondence with Roz and Rachel at Goulet Pens I found out that the problems I am having with my Flex Pen can be solved with a little adjusting of the nib and the feed. I tried to make the adjustment, but still prefer my Lamy. The people at The Goulet Pen Company are very nice and helpful as well.

I would like to start making my own journals. I purchased Fabriano 140 lb. watercolor paper-hot press-and it arrived. I think I would like to try the coptic stitch with several signatures. I want a book that is not too heavy as my neck has been bothering me a lot from the bags I carry everyday. Did you know that my Daler-Rowney sketchbook (5" x 7") weighs over 1 lb.? Right now I am using a sketchbook made by Diana Trout. I purchased it when I took a class from her last May. I always thought it too precious to use, but it is a good weight with hot press paper (140 lb.).

On July 3, I went to Lowe's with TOMA and while he purchased a screen door I purchased a plastic chair for the front of the house and used it in the nursery to draw some flowers. It is a great place to sit and draw.

Yesterday at work I did a little doodling, but was not pleased with the result. Oh well, there is always another sheet of paper waiting.

Today, I added a drawing/watercolor of a hydrangea from the front yard on the same page as the petunia and zinnia from Lowe's. I am playing with Copic Multiliners that I purchased a while ago. Of course since Blick does not lock them up, people sample them and the tip was mashed on my brand new pen. Luckily, I purchased replacement tips and ink (these pens are refillable). I think I like them. I can get a very fine line with the .01 and an even finer line with the .005.

Baci e abbracci