Saturday, July 16, 2011


I read Alisa Burkes' blog regulary and one of the recent posts discussed the doughnuts she made. The King Arthur Flour blog also has featured doughnuts recently, so I thought doughnuts are calling.

These are cake doughnuts and are baked. They taste just like the real thing! Totally yummerific! I filled the doughnut pan a little too high so only one side had a hole, but that worked to my favor when I decided to cut them in half and spread some preserves on them. Then I tossed them in confectioners sugar. Perfect!

The other endeavor I have been involved in is making my own journals--two to be exact. They both use the coptic stitch--one is 5.5 x 7.5 inches. I used the front and back of a used Pentalic journal that I cut away from the insides. The second journal is 4 x 5 inches. I also used the coptic stitch, but this time used black paper for the covers (because I measured the paper incorrectly and could not use the new Pentalic journal of which I removed the insides--I was going to use the directions for the Moleskine re-load). I used black duct tape to cover the spine. I also glued a prayer flag on the front of each book. I am quite pleased and will be saving them for the trip.

I have also been testing ink and pens. I received the Platinum Carbon Black Ink and the Preppy Pen with a converter. I also loaded the Rotring with the PCB ink. I really like the ink--a little better than the Noodler's Bullet Proof. The Preppy was leaking, but I loaded it with Noodler's and it stopped. None of the pens give me a fine enough line so I order a Lamy Safari EF nib. I am waiting for it to arrive. So far, the only nib that makes a fine enough line is a dip pen.

Another thing I have been playing around with is Bristol Board--Smooth. I like it. It is great for ink and the watercolor goes on like markers. It hasn't buckled so far either. I am using a 3.5 x 5 inch spiral Strathmore Visual Journal as a "doodle" journal, so I do not use my "good paper" for doodles.

Next, I must finish a quilt.

Baci e abbracci/