Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book Review

I did it! I finished reading a book from cover to cover. The book, The Artist's Journal Workshop: Creating Your Life in Words and Pictures, by Cathy Johnson was a really good book. The artwork is great. Even though the book is for someone who is just starting a journal, I thought it contained enough ideas/tips to be informative for someone who is already journaling. The book discusses supplies, testing products, ideas for different types of journals from a memory journal to a travel journal--or just keeping one journal for everything, including your grocery list. Cathy talks about making time for your journal, quick sketches as well as spending more time on a subject. It is as inspiring as Danny Gregory's books, which are my favorites. Take a 'look inside' on Amazon and buy this book for your library.

I think I will carry this book to Italy with me to refer to while I work in my journal. I want to really restrict what I take this year and I am considering taking this and "Everyday Matters," by Danny Gregory. I am sure I will change my mind before I leave. I cannot even decide on which skirts to take, let alone what art supplies.

Baci e abbracci