Monday, June 27, 2011

I am Sewing!

Today I came home from work, ate dinner (TOMA did the dishes--he is so good to me) and started to sew. I have completed a block and 1/4. I realized that this is the perfect project for the beginner who wants to learn how to sew or quilt. You just keep making straight lines and 1/4" seams. I promised I would teach a friend to sew by making this quilt.

So, here is my work table with my blocks.

I thought I would give you a tour of my studio. This is my inspiration board over my work table. I need to put up some new images.

My bins of strips on the floor for this current project.

My Janome sewing machine. The best part of this project is having my work space for pinning, sewing and pressing at the machine. And I love the hera marker for finger pressing.

My other bulletin board. I purchased this beautiful Guatemalan piece of fabric and kept it in a drawer for over 10 years. I cannot use it as a table runner because of the the fringe--the cats would destroy in a minute and a half. It is too stiff to use as a shawl. It was a big expense for me at that time at $65. I recently decided to just pin it to the board so I can admire the colors (which is why I bought it in the first place[colors not true in photo]). Notice one of my flea market finds perched atop the board. And the evil eye in the upper right hand corner. (Only good spirits need to enter my studio!)

The "Love" sign is from my childhood bedroom. My parents brought it back from somewhere for me. I grew up in the '70's and my room was lemon yellow and lime green. I had lime green shag carpet and a really cool bed with drawers and secret compartments made from Formica and chrome. The little quilt was purchased from Tallgrass Prairie Studio. And of course the best advice: "Keep Calm and Carry On."

A 20 year old shelving unit that now holds some paper, knitting supplies, knitting books and binders full of interesting things/projects/how to's found on the Internet. You can also see one end of my knitting machine with rolled paper on top of it. It is covered with a dust cloth.

Next to the shelving unit my filing cabinet, sewing notions, and printer. Under the printer: boxes of larger cuts of fabric, Velcro, netting, etc.

Some drawing stuff near the work table. I took the pretty Harry & David round box from work last Christmas after everyone ate the holiday goodies inside. Another expensive purchase, the little Amish quilt, was $35, a lot of loot for me over 20 years ago. I did not sew or quilt at the time, but just loved it. I thought it would inspire a knitwear design.

Ikea shelving unit #2: fabric, art supplies, beads, glue, embroidery and quilting hoops, the sock blockers that you put wet hand knit socks on to shape, new sketchbooks, and some more books. The bulletin board is full of information I don't want to loose. The small bookshelf under it is full of quilting and drawing and journaling books, paper, a bowl of seashells, a cotton boll and feathers and sticks that I have collected. The cotton boll was a gift from our friend who visited from Italy by way of his home away from home in Mississippi.

As much as I wish my studio was bigger, I am very lucky to have a room to myself. For years I had a knitting studio and my husband at the time and I lived out of one room, a kitchen and a bathroom for 10 years. TOMA and I live in a small row home but there is plenty of space for us and our three cats. Sometimes I just wish I could pick up the house and plop it in a field in Lancaster. The city can get to me, but I admit the convenience of art supply stores and fabric and yarn stores is great. Although quilting and Lancaster go hand in hand like a bird in the hand. (Couldn't resist...) Any way...

Baci e abbracci