Sunday, June 26, 2011

Class Today-Part Two

Those of you who read this who know me, know that I make plans and then when it comes time to do it, I just want to stay home and regret having made the plans. Today was no different. But as usual, I was pleasantly surprised.

The class was good and fun. I really like making string quilt blocks. If you quilt you know that you usually press after sewing each seam. This quilt allows you to finger press each seam until the end. So it goes faster. You can do all of the cutting, then sewing, then press, cut again, sew again and "whalla," you have a quilt top!

It is always fun to take these classes with other women. You sew, you talk, you sew a little more and talk a little more.  The class was at Cloth and Bobbin which is a shop in Narberth, PA. Johanna Hertz is the owner and she is really nice and helpful. She has a beautiful selection of fabrics--all the big names--check out her site. Here are some pics of my work station.

The class was about making a String Quilt

My old Singer broke and could not be fixed until I purchased my Janome. So I take my Singer out for classes and the Janome stays home. Perfect. I enjoy the Singer now that it is not making teeny-tiny-tight stitches that were impossible to rip out.

You begin with a foundation (muslin or any other fabric that will not show in the finished quilt). Then you sew strips onto the muslin on the diagonal. Easy peasy!

The pile of strips.

The final square before the edges are cut off and it is a square again.

I am going for some color pattern within the placement of the squares.

As a reference the darkest stripe is the center of the square that is showing in the photo as a diamond. (Upper right of photo: yellow and tans, dark brown stripe, reds and orange) Three squares placed next to each other in the color pattern.

And you cannot leave the store with out making a purchase... Roosters, graph paper, and a fabric that I used in the quilt on the sidebar in a different color way. I almost did not buy the graph paper, but I am thinking something artsy, like a wall hanging.

The best part was that the fabric and some notions added up to over $36.00, when I gave Johanna my little card of past purchases I had $25.00 of free goods coming to me! Yeah!! I should not have bought anything so $9 and change is not so bad and I love the roosters.

A good day, and a good weekend. Yesterday, TOMA and I spent the day doing errands. Tomorrow back to the grind...

Buonanotte. Baci e abbracci.