Friday, May 13, 2011

It Has Been a While

Well the iPHOTO book was a big hit with my mom. It made her cry--a good thing. She liked all of her gifts and dinner. I baked my, now famous, Apple Cake and Honey Whole Wheat Rolls. The rolls were great! Mom and TOMA loved them. What can I say King Arthur came through again.

A co-worker who has an obvious addiction to neckties has been promising to go through his stash and give me the ties he no longer has a deep affection for. Well yesterday he handed me 50 ties, most of which are silk!!! All high end and beautiful! He said he can't wait to see what I do with them. He is so funny! I told him it will be years before I felt confident enough to start to turn them into a quilt top. So I just put a batch of chocolate cherry brownies in the oven for him and his wife.

Also someone at work is going through chemotherapy so I offered to make her a chemo cap. I would like to feel the passion for knitting that I once had so maybe this will get me back into it. I like knitting in the round and love how the decreases at the crown look when done correctly. I purchased a pretty purple DK weight. It has been a year since I've really knit anything.

Drawing a little. I find the coloring process to be the best part.

Wow the brownies smell fabu!

Baci e abbracci