Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I know, I haven't posted anything for a while. I am so tired. I have been drawing and knitting though. I knit the chemo-cap for the woman at work I mentioned and completed the last page of my sketchbook. It is the first sketchbook I have ever completed. It is kind of sad because I would sit and look through it once in a while, but now I will  not have it with me anymore. The new one will be empty for some time. I have started using the Moleskine Watercolor sketchbook that I have used in the past, but still do not like the format. I will keep using it until I pull out the new Daler-Rowney spiral I have waiting.

I am so tired that I do not even feel like editing the photos of my work, so I will only post the few that I completed. Some of the photos have to be re-shot--they are blurry.

I have been playing around, mostly doodling. The owl above is from a photograph on line.

Baci e abbracci