Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some Pretty Flowers from Food Shopping Today

A funny thing happened while taking pictures at one of the food stores we were in. I was shooting with my point and shoot at the cheese section because there was a colorful display for easter and the head cheese man came up to me to let me know that I am not supposed to be taking pictures inside this store. I need to stop at customer service and get a badge that says I am a visitor. I was actually embarrassed in front of the other customers. I can't imagine what they think people would do with the photos. I explained that I like to take pictures of color combinations for quilting, etc. Everyone is so afraid that someone is going to steal an idea away from them, that they stole from someone else.

It was a good weekend. I baked TOMA brownies (he left written requests all over the house) and I baked a really Easy Cinnamon Bread. It came out really good, like a quick bread on the inside and really crispy like a loaf of crusty bread on the outside. TOMA loved it! I have to say that the best ingredients make a difference that can be tasted. I used the Vietnamese Cinnamon and the Cinnamon Chips for the cinnamon bread, and the Double-Dutch Dark Cocoa and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract for the brownies, all from King Arthur Flour Company. If you can afford it, treat yourself to the best every once in a while, but if you can't you can still bake at home, that is the real difference.

Baci e abbracci