Saturday, April 2, 2011

Out and About

Today TOMA and I went to the flea market, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. At the flea market I purchased a few things including the enamel plate and book below. I bought the book for the cover.

I also picked up a metal first aid box (cool for art supplies) and a bowl from Japan. The Coke bottles below looked neat so I took a photo.

As soon as I got to the flea market I saw a young woman. She was so attractive in red. She had a 1950's style red dress, red shoes, lipstick and a red cup of coffee. All of the red in contrast to her body art was striking. She also wore some netting in her hair. In all honesty my eyeglasses get so dark outside it is hard to see, hence to poor photograph.

The funny part is that it took me over a half hour to get up the nerve to ask her if I could take her photograph. When I was younger, I would have just snapped a candid. I loved showing that I was an "artist." I didn't mind dye/ink/paint stained hands and clothes--it showed that I was special, a creative person. Now I don't really care about stained hands, but it no longer makes me feel special.

Anyway, here is Cole D. (she even has a cool name). She really stood out in the crowd. I didn't get to talk to her long, but I bet she is creative and confident. She was also very nice to let me take her photo. Thank you, Cole.

What actually inspired me to take her picture is Maira Kalman's book "In the Pursuit of Happiness" which began as a New York Times blog. It has great paintings and photos in a sort of journal form.

Baci e abbracci