Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Work

I know I am repeating myself, but I am so happy when I am making art. Whether it is sewing, knitting or drawing, whatever I am into at the moment, it is great to be in a creative flow. I always fool myself into thinking that finally I have turned the corner, no more ruts, this is it, and of course, I fall into the deepest rut ever. I get tired, uninspired, miserable. So this time no kidding myself. I am grateful that I am really into drawing and hope it will last as long as possible.

And my friend J. at work confirmed that I am complaining less! The blog is working! Remember, I started this blog to create more and complain less and I am!!! (Okay, enough, let's not jinx it.)

The bird above was for a sympathy card for a co-worker, and the flowers and feathers were just playing around in the sketchbook. I just love, love, love my Lamy extra fine fountain pen and must use it as much as possible. I am also enjoying playing around with the Copic markers.

I am also proud to say that I am using all of my best, expensive supplies--Copic markers, Noodler's Ink, Faber Castell colored pencils and Aquarelle Arches Hot Press Watercolor Paper. No more saving it until I am good enough or have a good idea. I'm using it all up and if the sky falls and I cannot afford to replace it--I'll cry and wish I had saved it because that is who I am--you just can't change who you are deep inside. But I am having a great time and hope I can always afford art supplies. Really, I would cry harder if something happened and it was all destroyed and I had never gotten the chance to enjoy it.

Baci e abbracci