Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Holiday Weekend

Like many of you TOMA and I had Good Friday off from work. Friday I basically slept most of the day and did local food shopping in the evening in preparation for Saturday's baking. I baked King Arthur's Classic White Sandwich Bread--super easy, and I made it all be hand (no dough cycle on the bread machine). The video is very helpful for those of us who are not experts in bread making. Then I baked Lidia's Italy Almond Torta with Chocolate Chips. I saw this a month or so ago on TV and thought it looked good. I was right! The 5 eggs and over 1/2 lb. of butter help make the chocolate chips and lemon zest go just right together. Very sophisticated looking and tasting. An easy cake to bring to someone's home if invited as a guest. The recipe calls for almond flour, which you can either make or order from King Arthur. I ordered it and the bag was just a 1/2 cup more than I needed to make one Torta. Perfect! It is a little bit of an expensive cake to make. I also had to buy the 10" spring form pan, which I will not use that often (I lucked out and got that 40% off at A.C. Moore). Next week Doughnut Muffins only instead of cinnamon sugar on top, I am going to make that white glaze they put on doughnuts. YUMMMM! I also have carrot cake on the brain so who knows. TOMA is in a fairy bakery wonderland and soooo happy!

Today we visited the Quaker City Flea Market. I purchased a pair of cat in the teapot salt and pepper shakers and a wooden bull--very modern (I forgot to photograph both items). But I took a photo of pretty blue glasses at the flea market:

We also stopped at Glen Foerd on the Delaware. We were going to TOMA's aunts house from the flea market and I noticed it for the first time. The Director visited my boss a month or so ago, so when I saw the sign that I had seen many times and not noticed, I decided to go in. The grounds are beautiful and I heard many different birds (we did not have any binoculars with us). There is a bird walk next Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. If I can get myself up, I may go. Today I heard a flicker, woodpecker (not sure if hairy or downy) Northern Cardinals, Song Sparrows and heard and saw a ton of American Robins. May have seen a Summer Tanager, but cannot be sure.

I am trying to draw from life--again. Please note that in the hydrangea sketch below. I will watercolor it and show it finished. Sorry about the quality of some of the scans.

I am proud of the Tiger Lilies and the Grape Hyacinths even though they are from the photos in my last post. Those two are not quite as stylized as usual. The black and white is the Hydrangea (just leaves and stems, no flowers on the bush yet).

Baci e abbracci