Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Toy

Today I received an email from the Continuing Education department where I work. There is a student show for anyone who has taken a class during the last 3 semesters. I took a class last fall so I qualify. So now the big question, what do I put in the show? I thought how about some prints of my sketchbook pages--then I don't have put myself under the pressure to create new work to meet the deadline in the next two weeks. But, then I thought I could create some nice watercolors in the same genre as my sketchbook paintings. On good paper??? That pressure in itself makes me mess it up! So I decided to first see if I can improve some of the photos of my work in Photoshop to print on the good paper--if it will go through my printer.

I've had Photoshop Elements 8 for some time, took a class over a weekend (at work), and then never used it again. The story of my new toys. I started with the sketch of my feet on the sidebar of this blog. I was always bothered by the excessive cross-hatching, wishing I had stopped before I went overboard. Look! It is gone. Like a magic eraser of permanent ink. Actually, I was cloning, not erasing. I am pleased. I've put the old version below just for comparison's sake. No more "hairy" feet!

I'm still not ready to play with all of the things that Photoshop offers like all the experienced bloggers do (Alisa Burke and Genine Zlatkas) but I feel a little bit better about it.

Also, TOMA and I had brunch with my drawing teacher, her husband, and one of her three sons this past Sunday. She taught the class that gets me into the above mentioned show. She and her husband have a beautiful home and we had a lovely visit with them. I love her work. She owns the work of other artists that I enjoyed seeing as well.

TOMA and I don't really have many friends. His friends are in Italy and I like to be at home when not at work so that makes it difficult to have time for doing things with other people. So it was definitely a treat. My teacher showed me a copy of the New Yorker cover from March 7. It featured the work of David Hockney. What I didn't realize is that 73 year-old Hockney created that work and the work on the inside cover on the IPad. Amazing! Not only is it amazing that a 73 year-old artist is using an IPad to create his work these days, but the work looked like a painting. (By the way I learned this on Roz Stendahl's blog.)

Since I have the ArtStudio app on my IPad, I decided to order a stylus and give it a try--just for fun. I also order an extra fine Lamy Safari. I purchased both fine and medium points on vacation last year, but the fine is not fine enough. I plan to load it with waterproof ink and give it a shot. The .005 Micron pens are just not lasting long enough. The tip gets crushed too quickly.

Some more work...

Altamira Oriole

TOMA on the morning train, resting his eyes

Right to Left: Alpomado Falcon, Yellow Warbler, and a Sparrow that I can no longer find the photo to identify. Sorry.

Baci e abbracci