Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am a winner!

Guess what??? I won!!! I made a $5.00 donation at Apifera Farm to help Matilda's (a donkey) current caregivers pay for hay until she is able to get to her new home at Apifera. The $5.00 donation allowed me to be included in a raffle from which my name was chosen. Watch the video on Katherine Dunn's site, it is really cute!

I am beyond excited. It is always exciting to win something, but I won this fabulous print! The other thing is I've been spending some money lately and giving money to homeless people on the street, animal causes, etc. Every time I buy something TOMA asks if we are saving enough, so I wasn't going to make a donation, but I thought it is just $5.00 and every little bit helps.

I think Ms. Dunn is doing a great thing helping to rescue abused and neglected goats and donkeys. Running a farm is hard work everyday. If you can stop by her blog and purchase a print or buy some lavender--it will help feed or shelter a loving animal.

I'm pumped so I am going to try to fulfill a baking promise that TOMA made on my behalf.

Baci e abbracci