Sunday, March 27, 2011


Everyone out there suggests taking a camera everywhere. I used to, but then with the sketchbook, pencil bag, watercolors, IPad or book, and all of the contents of my handbag it just got to be too much. But today I thought since I was going to Walmart I would have something to do while TOMA was shopping for bird seed. 

I decided to record color combinations that work. The pet food, candy and all other industries pay a lot of money to study successful color combinations, so why not take advantage of their marketing dollars.

Some of the photos are even nice quilting patterns. The bunnies, well there is just something about gold foil bunnies with a red ribbon and the pattern a bunch of them make that makes me happy. Or is it the Lindt chocolate inside?

I penciled and inked a new drawing today. Even if it isn't ready for submission tomorrow, I am happy I at least made an attempt.

Baci e abbracci.