Saturday, March 5, 2011


As you know from a previous post that when I attended art school it was very clear what was thought of as "cheating." Tracing, a definite no-no. Drawing from photos, also a no-no. I believe the reason is that it is easier to draw from a 2-D photo than 3-D life, so naturally you shouldn't do it. Well, I went down that slippery path and decided easier is what I want right now. I also want to draw what I want to draw and am currently not inspired by the items in my everyday life. So I have been drawing from photos of birds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The pictures are great to draw from. I am enjoying drawing rather than being frustrated at my limited skills to capture a moving target.

Photography inspired by the talented Alisa Burke

Another great way to get good photos to draw from are calendars that are now on major discount (AC Moore $1 each). I picked a few up with photos of birds, dogs, horses and butterflies.

I am still drawing from life at the bookstore and on the train, but at least if that doesn't work out and I want to draw I can fire up the computer and find something that inspires me and stays still.

Baci e abbracci