Monday, February 21, 2011

A Half Century Gone

TOMA and I are home from work today because of the President's Day holiday. We were awoken from a nap to a knock on the door. "Is that your car," they asked. It was the tree service hired by our neighbor to the right to cut down the 50 year-old ornamental cherry tree whose trunk is on his property, but the branches hang over ours. I immediately called my neighbor to verify that he ordered these people to kill a healthy tree. "Yes, I know I told you..." No, he did not--I would have tried to talk him out of it!

This spring I will not have beautiful pink blossoms that fall and make a blanket of "pink snow" on the ground. Next fall no gorgeous yellow and orange carpet on the grass. When I lay down for a nap in the afternoon, no view from my bedroom window before I fall asleep.  The birds will not have a place to wait their turn on the feeder. The squirrel will not have a place to discretely eat his/her peanuts. During migration no convenient rest stop for the long trip. Just yesterday TOMA and I came home from food shopping to find a hawk sitting in the tree and it allowed us to study him/her for 15 minutes from the bedroom window. We'll have none of that anymore. Just the retched view of the ugly, trash filled row homes across the street.

It was really nice to sit on my swing in the spring under the green canopy knitting or drawing. I am so sad. It took them an hour to destroy the life of a healthy 50 year old tree. It provided shade, cover and I bet a good climb for a child or two. I feel like I just watched an animal get tortured and murdered.