Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Sketchbook

I purchased a Strathmore Visual Journal (Mixed Media--3.5 x 5"). I love new sketchbooks, so much promise in those clean white pages: the promise of only good drawings. Well the first drawing is okay:

I have a few sketchbooks at the moment. No themes, just different sizes and paper. The Hand Book sketchbook has lots of bad drawings so I don't even like to carry it in case someone asks to look through it. Yuck! The Moleskine has lots of collage a la Teesha Moore, and the Daler Rowney has mostly drawings from life--probably the best of all of them, but also the biggest and heaviest. I can't figure out which is the right sketchbook size or paper, the right medium--watercolor, colored pencils, ink, watercolor pencils, gouache or most importantly what is my style.

I am a bit frustrated with myself, and in a bad mood, so one last picture and a piece of advice: don't have a box of Girl Scout cookies--Caramel deLites--at arm's length when in a bad mood. Gosh these cookies are good!

Baci e abbracci