Saturday, February 5, 2011

I did a drawing of a flower arrangement at work the other day. I used watercolors, Verithin colored pencils, and Prismacolor colored pencils. I thought it looked pretty good for my level of skill. I just couldn't let it go without using a black pen.

I have been studying the style of two artists that I admire: Tommy Kane and Maira Kalman. They have totally different styles and I like them both. So I thought I would try for the Kalman style by not using my trusty pen and outlining everything. It just didn't look right so I thought I would use a .005 pen instead of the usual 1.0 but I still don't like it.

To be honest I prefer the Kane style. I would like to be able to cross hatch successfully, but just can't seem to manage it. I'll keep practicing. The truth of the matter is that one needs to find their own style and be satisfied with it. Copying other artists' style is not the way to go. Of course it is impossible to not be influenced by the artists you really like. In the world of journalling the artists that I find influence the most people is Pam Carriker and Teesha Moore. Each woman has a unique signature that is apparent in other artist's work. I am a big fan of both women. Maybe I'll be happy with my own style one day.

Practice, practice, practice...

Baci e abbracci