Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day

Another gift from Mother Nature arrived here in Philadelphia yesterday. Fifteen inches! I usually don't really care about the snow. I wear lots of wool, wait for public transportation and everything is fine. Now, however, my feet are recovering from bunion surgery and I am out of the boot cast on my left foot for a couple of days and am still in the boot on the right foot for another 4 weeks. Coming home two nights ago was so difficult--it had snowed and then rained so it was really slippery. I was relieved when my employer decided to close yesterday.

While I was home I worked on some emails from work, did some laundry, read, and painted!!!! I'll post it tomorrow as it is not quite finished.

As I mentioned I am reading a few books right now, two about painting. I am loving the Katherine Dunn book--see my last post. I love her style, it is kind of folk art with a James Castle-like primitive look to it--and I also enjoy her writing and exercises. If you aren't at your book purchasing limit this is a good choice. I've just ordered a few more books from Amazon: Modern Mark Making: From Classical Calligraphy to Hip Hand-Lettering,  Live & Learn: Real Life Journals: Designing & Using Handmade BooksArt at the Speed of Life: Motivation and Inspiration for Making Mixed-Media Art Every DayArtist's Journal Workshop: Creating Your Life in Words and Pictures [Paperback], and Happiness Is an Inside Job: Practicing for a Joyful Life. I also downloaded A Life In Hand: Creating the Illuminated Journal. Cathy Johnson recommended it on her blog and I thought I would give it a try. It is the first book I have downloaded for my IPad and started reading it last night. The download is only $7.99.

Hopefully I will have something to post tomorrow.

Baci e abbracci