Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surfing the Net

I am spending my time surfing blogs rather than drawing, which is just as bad as vegging out in front of the t.v. I tell myself it is for inspiration, but know it is just an excuse. Anyway, if you are also looking for an excuse to get out of doing something you know you should be doing, check out this You Tube video of Don Colley. He is an incredible artist from Chicago. He is represented in Philadelphia by the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery. His sketchbooks (old accounting ledgers) are amazing. His drawings of nudes and people on public transportation are great.

He uses Prismacolor Brush Pens. I watched a few of the videos on their site and found out that they have created a color match system that allows you to buy color 123 in a brush pen, colored pencil, or pastel and they will all match. This is great for mixed media artists.

Prismacolor is also a customer service oriented company. I purchased a few of the Premiere Art Markers in black in different nib sizes. Three of them dried up around the same time not too long after I purchased them. I got irritated and threw them away. Later I decided to email them about it and they said just send them back--they are guaranteed--for replacement. Even though I could not send them back, they replaced them anyway. I thought that was really nice.

Thank you everyone who has left comments about this new project of mine. I just love hearing from you--keep this up and maybe my inner critic will have to go house hunting... Yeah, right...

Okay, let's get up and do something before it is too late.