Sunday, January 23, 2011


I haven't posted in the last few days. I feel especially bad because I didn't even update the "Quote of Day."

Since I couldn't travel on Tuesday, I decided to make up the remaining hours yesterday, so I went to the office. Nothing creative there, but I really accomplished a lot. If only I had the office to myself one day during the week. No interruptions. No 200 emails per day to read/respond to. No extraneous conversations around my desk to distract me. It is really easy to get so much done.

I had a good conversation with a member of faculty/artist in the mailroom this week. He is a MFA critic and teaches drawing. When I said I wasn't happy with most of my work he asked me why. I told him that I didn't really like my style and that I have a lot of problems with light and dark, especially when I try to crosshatch. He gave me some sound advice that I would like to try this weekend. As I show the results I will discuss the advice.

I learned about a musical artist recently. Leonard Cohen. I know at my age I should have known about him, but I am a child of the 1970's so I kind of missed out. I heard his song "Who by Fire" at the end of a "Criminal Minds" show and loved it. I just received his greatest hits CD and am really liking it. I don't really like Bob Dylan so I am surprised that I like Cohen's work.

I also treated myself to TWO books yesterday. I feel guilty when I buy one book imagine the guilt doubled. Actually I used a large portion of a gift card I won at the holiday party at work and had 33% off coupons for both. I am holding off on really looking at them--you know saving the best for last kind of thing. It is how I used to feel when a new knitting magazine would come in the mail. I wouldn't open it for a while just to save something fun for the right moment. Anyway I bought Water Paper Paint: Exploring Creativity with Watercolor and Mixed Media by Heather Smith Jones, and Creative Illustration Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists: Seeing, Sketching, Storytelling, and Using Found Materials by Katherine Dunn. When I am done cleaning this wreck of a house I will savour them and maybe even try an exercise.

Also, I had a wonderful surprise when I came home from work yesterday. I was a big sister to a young girl for a few years and after my father died and I went through a year of major change (another story for another post), I am embarrassed to say, I lost touch with her. Recently, I was thinking about her and searched the internet, including Facebook, but could not locate her. Her mom sent a note stating that her daughter would like to speak with me. I called right away and left a voicemail but have not heard back yet. I think I met this girl when she was 7 or 8 years old. She should be about 18 or 19 now. I can't wait to talk to her!

One last thing for now. I just read that artist/blogger/author Melanie Testa has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I don't know Ms. Testa but have followed her blog and purchased her book so I was shocked and saddened when I read this news this morning. I can only wish her a smooth and complete recovery. You can access her blog from my sidebar if you would like to read what her friend wrote.

Give thanks for your good health, roof over your head, and food on your table as I will today.

Baci e abbracci