Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to Work

I returned to work on January 13. An opening at each bus stop was cleared so the snow wasn't really a problem. However, I need a walker for any icy and uneven ground, but since it slows me down considerably I wind up carrying it a lot. It is heavy and awkward in my condition and tires me. Once I get into the building it is much better getting around. Right now work is at a comfortable pace while I am catching up. I feel so stupid. I accidentally permanently deleted all of the emails from my 2 weeks away that I had placed into a separate folder to review in intervals. I meant to delete one email and before I knew it the whole folder was gone. Urghhh! Our IT man was trying to retrieve them at the end of the day--I will find out if he was successful soon enough.

Work really tired me out, so I've just been doing some doodling on the train.

I wanted to tell you about someone. I recently took a drawing class at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts through the Continuing Education program. Some of the drawings from that class are in my Flicker collection. The teacher is amazing. Her name is Phyllis Laver. If you Google her you will only find critiques of her by traditional-aged college students who complain about the homework and emphasis on attendance and being on time, but she obviously doesn't have those requirements for people taking classes in a continuing ed atmosphere.

Although it was difficult for me to attend classes after a full work day, and I missed classes due to my surgery, I learned from her instruction and my drawing improved. The most helpful thing for me was when she pointed out the difference between my drawing and the actual subject, which teaches you to really slow down and look at what you are drawing. Check out the class listing at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts' Continuing Education Program. The semester has just started so there is still time. They also offer classes during the summer.

Ms. Laver also teaches at the Philadelphia University (formerly the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, my alma mater).

Have a great day!